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tv   CBS 5 Eyewitness News at 6AM  CBS  March 25, 2011 6:00am-7:00am PDT

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folks. but it is friday. good morning, everybody. march 25, i'm frank mallicoat. >> i'm sydnie kohara. thanks so much for joining us. your time coming up on 6:00. and as frank mentioned, a new round of storms today so let's go ahead and begin with lawrence in the weather center. don't hang your head in shame. we know you're just the messenger. >> thank you very much. we saw mud slides and trees down, messy. some of the cells impressive today. heavier amounts of rain into the east bay and take a look at this. we have this strong cell that's moving into richmond that's going to be a heavy downpour through this area. we'll continue just for a few minutes and then they will start to move out and we are going to see this on and off throughout the day today. you are going to see a couple of sunny breaks and a heavy downpour again. you get the idea. keep that umbrella handy. it will be on and off throughout the day today. so the main cold front is gone through after bringing in heavy rainfall to the bay area. lot of of snow in the sierra nevada. but the core of the low still located right here and that will bring on -- sweep on more
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moisture into the bay area to keep the rainfall going outside. so not only that but it also churns up some major swells. check this out. 15 to 21-footers at the coast. so stay away from the rocks. you could see some beach erosion and possibly see some beach flooding, as well. temperatures today are going to be in the 50s and a few 60s. scattered showers continuing around the bay area. but there is some good news in the long-range forecast. maybe a little sun finally returning to the bay area. right now, though, let's check on traffic with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. it's going to be a busy one today on the roads. let's start with live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. the metering lights are off but we are getting report of flooding in fastrak lanes. we'll show you a live look of that area in a few minutes. but they have lifted the wind advisory so that's at least some good news there. northbound 101 at woodside. 84, chp just arriving on scene of this accident. no word if any lanes are blocked. you might see slight delays.
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we were league is delays as well along 280 but that's cleared up. northbound 87 guadalupe parkway close to 101. chp just opened the right lane from an injury accident. all that activity is over to the right shoulder. and life look at 880 not doing too badly as you work your way northbound into the maze. also, if you're taking mass transit, ace is running no service today due to weather conditions. bart, caltrain, muni, they are all on time. so bart always a good choice this morning. of course, it's friday so less people expected on the road. back to you. >> thank you. there is a lot of clean-up today in capitola. this after floodwaters splashed into the popular tourist town. >> oh, my god, that's my house! >> the two-foot-high wall of water rushed into downtown capitola. at least two dozen businesses were flooded as well as a number of homes. last night streets were open again. capitola had several inches of rain, much of it in just two hours. >> all of of a sudden we saw
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the water fly down the road and in about 7 minutes it came up to here. and it came underneath our walls and our back door. the whole place became part of the river. >> some of the flooding came when a culvert under a mobile home park gave way. one unit in the park was destroyed. 40 others damaged. that park remains evacuated this morning. you don't need me to tell you, it's raining right now and our traffic anchor elizabeth wenger weathering the storm. she is at the bay bridge for a second time this week. you picked a heck of a week to jump out and be a field reporter, didn't you? >> reporter: i know. it's a good thing i had my rain jacket, i know. i feel like i have been here before. maybe it's because i have. yeah. on wednesday we were out here covering standing water at the bay bridge in the middle lanes and then we just got reports this morning of the same thing. i got to tell you, it is worse this morning than it was on wednesday. i'll step out of the way so you can see what we're talking about. cars are having to go really slow through those middle lane, the fastrak lanes. it is actually pretty
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dangerous, i got to say. if you approach standing water like that, take it slow because it's hard to tell just how deep it is because you can get stuck. you can hydroplane. so far we haven't had any incidents with it. but we have seen cars making some huge splashes as they poured through that water right there or fortunately some of them are taking it a lot slower. all right. we also have wind advisories on the bridge, as well. the bay bridge, san mateo bridge, the benicia bridge, the richmond/san rafael bridge. yeah. if you commute, you have been dealing with this all week long. you should be used to it by now. yesterday i was reading our cbs 5 facebook page and one viewer wrote us that he was driving across the san mateo bridge and worried his car was going to blow off. and we were out here covering this weather yesterday and we got stuck in huge backups really all across the bay area, westbound 580, the eastshore freeway was a mess towards the caldecott tunnel. so this has been a not fun week for commuters. as far as the reports of flooding right now, again, this
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seems to be the worst spot. chp called this dangerous flooding here in these middle lanes approaching the bay bridge toll plaza. but also we are getting word of some trees down, power lines down in the napa and santa rosa areas. and some minor flooding as well approaching the caldecott tunnel. i like sydnie's idea of getting in your nice warm pajamas and staying in. i thought of taking the day off. >> it is friday, after all. so you have the whole weekend look forward to. you will have to dry out a little bit. good job. all righty, elizabeth wenger live at the bay bridge, hang in there. well, there are still more than 1,000 outages across the bay area this morning because of this latest storm. at last check, 565 pg&e customers on the peninsula were in the dark. 345 in the south bay. 855 in the north bay. 80 customers in the east bay. now, that's down from about 11,000 outages overnight. >> storm-related problems have shut down passenger train service between the central valley and silicon valley so unfortunately, none of today's
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trains will be running between stockton and san jose. this blockage is in the niles canyon area so no service today. roads are back open though in fairfax this morning. crews spent the night cleaning up a mud slide there. this is on sir francis drake boulevard. nobody hurt in that. we are following a situation around clear lake, rising waters threatening homes there. the lake could flood for the first time in more than a decade. forecasters predict the lake will hit flood stage by about 11:00 this morning. stores are selling out of sandbags. in the late 1980s more than 700 people were left homeless because of severe flooding there. and you can track this storm yourself. log on to our website,, where we have live doppler radar for your neighborhood. just click on the weather page. >> probably a pretty busy weather page right now.
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okay, folks. it is 6:06. more weather coverage straight ahead, the flooding, the damage and the concerns in the east bay coming up. >> plus, critics call it a back room deal. pg&e's agreement for not supplying crucial pipeline documents. >> and signs of peace in libya. today's meeting between the government and the rebels there when sydnie and i come back. ,,,, hey marcel, watch this!
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more downpours showing up around the bay area. look at this cell heading into san francisco. you have some heavy rain there, more rain is on the way. we'll have details coming up. in the east bay people are keeping a close eye on the creeks there. a deluge has pushed the alhambra creek to near capacity. yesterday streets from highway 4 to downtown martinez turned into a rushing riverrer. police issued an alert for sandbagging and many people are keeping them in place even though the alert has been lifted. >> more rain coming with the high tide puts the water level up higher because it can't get out. >> the might of that swollen creek has already taken three beavers and their den downstream. the martinez public works director says the creek is two to three feet higher than usual
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from all that rain. pg&e getting a chance to avoid millions of dollars in fines. it's all part of the fallout from last year's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. yesterday the state public utilities commission decided to fine pg&e $6 million. it's because the utility failed to provide documents that supposedly prove it has properly set pressure levels on its gas transmission lines. but pg&e has a chance to pay only half that amount if it provides all the information by the end of august. critics are angry at that new pg&e proposal to charge customers for opting out of the smartmeter program. the company submitted a plan to the california public utilities commission. pg&e would turn off the radio that transmits usage but in exchange, those customers who opt out would pay $270 up front and then $14 a month. or $135 up front and $20 a month. some claim the radiowaves from the meters make them sick.
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it is 6:11 on a friday. week one of the barry bonds perjury trial is over. the strong testimony suggesting bonds was doping. >> plus, no way out. how wet weather has trapped people in big sur. >> and we have traffic reporters out and about this morning on this wet and wacky weather day. we'll have your top spots coming up in just minutes. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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santa cruz county. a mobile home park in capitola remains ev weather problems persist in santa cruz county this morning. quite a day. anne makovec is in capitola with very i don't of floodwaters rushing through the turn to. good morning, anne makovec. >> reporter: it is a mess in downtown capitola. you can see this big pile of mud, the remnants of what was a two-foot wall of water that rushed through downtown. it started in a mobile home park with a culvert. let's look at that video. this was shot by a woman who lives in the area as she saw this. this wall of water was approaching her house, turning streets into rivers. now, at least two dozen businesses here in the downtown
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area were flooded, in some spots knee deep. the main fire station and police station were hit. the real problem started with the culvert. it was supposed to divert water from a creek underground and it blew a gash in the sidewalk. people could see water seeping up through the streets, those who lived in the mobile home park. so most of the water is gone. they are just left with the mud here downtown right now. and as you can see behind me, crews are busy here trying to clean that up and trying to assess the damage. but they are talking of millions of dollars worth of damage. we'll have a closer look at some of this and the reasons why coming up within the next 15 minutes or so. but lawrence has more information on the weather today. i know a lot of people, especially around here, lawrence, are hoping for some drier weather. >> yeah. a lot of folks rain-weary indeed. and we look like we'll have some dry weather in the future but right now scattered showers and heavy downpours in the bay
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area, not the widespread rain like yesterday. but this is what we're going to see, showers and downpours rolling on through toward walnut creek. yeah, we have some heavy rainfall moving in through that area right now. it's just scattered around the bay area today. but these downpours, they come down in a hurry. and i'll tell you what, if you are traveling around in there you can see brief puddling out in the roads and some brief flooding, too. so be very careful this morning. still, it looks like as we head through the day, we are going to watch the skies try and part a little bit. out the morning though, a lot of clouds and high surf warning continuing at the coastline. looking for waves a good 15 to 21 feet at the coast. showers by the afternoon, a couple of glimpses of the sunshine out there but don't get used to it. we have another storm coming our way. the main cold front is gone by so we're seeing the scattered showers around the bay area right now. more of that is going to continue to move in along the coats line and into the bay area on and off throughout the day. then maybe a brief break. but after that, we have this guy moving in late tonight and the better part of saturday. that will bring with it more rain outside and again, it doesn't take a whole lot to
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cause some problems now. the ground is totally saturated so going to have to watch out for the potential of trees coming down and localized flooding. scattered showers through the day. watch what happens as we get to the evening. one wave moves on and then later on tonight the next storm system moves in bringing with it more rainfall. doesn't look as strong but doesn't have to be. we are going to see some problems with that probably, as well. temperatures in fact 50s and 60s in the south bay. east bay numbers up mainly into the 50s and the north bay also expecting highs mainly in the 50s with scattered showers continuing. it looks like there is some hope in the long-range forecast as the rain is going to taper off to showers by sunday. by monday and tuesday, high pressure builds in. and by the middle of next week, temperatures spiking into the 70s. that's a look at weather. here's gianna with traffic. >> thank you, lawrence. all right, let's go live right now to chopper 5, who is flying high over conditions in the south bay san jose right now. this is 680/101 connector. traffic is really starting to
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bog down there. very busy conditions this morning, not typical for a friday. no accidents. we're accident-free as you can see here but things are busy due to the wet weather so lots of folks taking it slow on this friday morning. on the maps, we have an accident that's been cleared northbound guadalupe parkway right around 101. i did get word though there may still be some flares that were left there in the right lane but overall, the incident is gone. traffic is moving a lot better through this portion. and again you saw 680 and 101, pretty busy through that area. northbound 280 in san jose, also starting to see some sluggish speeds as you work your way through downtown san jose. elsewhere, highway 130 remains closed due icy conditions between quimby and dell puerto canyon. off the antioch bridge, slows around a street. stop and go off the span. those delays continue over towards somersville. elsewhere if you are coming near the maze, not too bad. so far we are seeing okay
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delays. sluggish around 24 in both directions. in orinda two separate accidents eastbound 24, one right after orinda, one near central lafayette. there is not really a major delay there it's in the outbound direction so not affecting the inbound commute. bay bridge commute puddling in the fastrak lanes. use caution. the metering lights are still off right now. 19 minutes from the carquinez bridge to the maze. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. barry bonds' perjury trial resuming on monday with his ex- mistress expected to take the stand. a chemist for the u.s. anti- doping agency told jurors yesterday that bonds has exhibited head and foot swelling which is consistent with using human growth hormone. bonds is accused of lying to the feds about knowingly taking steroids. it is 6:20. france today declared libya's airspace under control after nato agreed to take over
6:21 am
command of the operation there. as nato draws up plans and takes over in the coming days, the united states will take a step back now in its role to enforce that "no fly" zone. still u.s. warplanes will keep flying combat missions against ground forces loyal to libyan leader moammar qaddafi. secretary of state hillary clinton says the operation has already met some accomplishments. >> a massacre in benghazi was prevented. qaddafi's air force and air defenses have been rendered largely ineffective. and the coalition is in control of the skies above libya. >> coalition warplanes struck qaddafi forces near the city of adjubai. the african union is meeting in ethiopia calling for a transitional government and elections in libya. we have this breaking news in indiana where we understand a person has been shot at a
6:22 am
middle school in martinsville about 30 miles west of indianapolis. all schools there are on lockdown now. police say the victim was shot twice in the stomach. we don't know if the victim is a student or what condition he or she is in. a local television station reports that the suspect is in custody around that it is a student who has been expelled. police reportedly believe the shooting stems from some sort of fight that happened at a school dance but again we are following this story of someone shot at a middle school outside of indianapolis. it is 6:22 now. the spring storm is not giving anyone a break. we all know tha a new mud slide causing problems. >> is there anything we don't already know about charlie sheen? the new talk of a memoir and how money problems could keep it from hitting shelves. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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highway one in big sur the pile of rocks are near the lime kiln creek bridge. they are abou wet weather causing a new rockslide in big sur. the red sox near line kiln creek bridge about -- the rocks near line kiln creek bridge about 40 miles from another mud slide last week. the people between the two slides are trapped and people on the outside can't get in. >> i have nobody to go so i by
6:26 am
myself here. i have nowhere to go. so i'm going to sleep in my car tonight. >> at the site of the new slide, caltrans had to suspend its clean-up because large boulders kept falling into the road. they are going to be back at work today, though, starting with the removal of a piece of equipment that has a damaged windshield. well, so much for a charlie sheen book deal. he never hired an agent. a spokesman said someone had been contacting publishers about a possible memoir but they all rejected the idea because it was just too expensive. sheen has made headlines, of course, for his marital problems, wild partying and hospital stays and he was fired from cbs just about 2 1/2 weeks ago from his "two and a half men" show because he has had quite a month. >> but he is taking his -- his, uhm.... what should we say, his life on the road now. he has some sold-out shows. >> his celebrity. >> train wreck, whatever you want to call it.
6:27 am
he has several sold-out shows around the country. >> i'm not sure he is winning. the bay area county putting hundreds of teachers on notice, coming up. >> plus the post office is in a pinch. the new plan to save some money. how it could change the way you get your mail. coming up. and if you're commuting towards the bay bridge toll plaza this morning, dangerous driving conditions because of a lot of standing water in the middle lanes. we'll have a live report coming up. and a river of water rushes through this downtown area in capitola. you can see this morning the clean-up continues. we'll have a live report coming up. ,,,,
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you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. your realtime captioner is linda marie macdonald. good morning, everyone. it is friday, the 25th of march. i'm sydnie kohara. >> aren't we glad it's friday? i'm frank mallicoat. the time now is 6::30 straight up. well, a wet start to the weekend and we have team coverage. anne makovec is in capitola with the flooding. elizabeth wenger is live on the bay bridge. but first, we throw it over to our weatherman, mr. lawrence. hopefully the end is near, my friend. >> i think we are getting closer. we still have a ways to go, though. of course we had that main cold front moving through the bay area yesterday. brought that heavy rainfall. now we're seeing pockets of scattered showers, but the showers we're seeing, boy, it's coming down in spots, folks, in
6:31 am
toward antioch, lots of yellows and oranges. it will rotate through. this is what we have been seeing throughout the bay area this morning. scattered showers but the showers that we are seeing, pretty heavy downpours around the bay area. you are going to see that on and off throughout the day today as you have the area of low pressure off the coastline here sweeping all that moisture onshore. so with that in mind, we've got swells churned up along the coastline as well, looking at some 15 to 21-footers at the beaches, coastal erosion and possible flooding there. stay away from the rocks. it's going to be dangerous. temperatures mainly into the 50s, couple low 60s, scattered showers a glimmer of sunshine around the bay area today. and i think even more so on the long-range forecast. but another storm is expected it barrel into the bay area late tonight. showers continue on sunday. after that, it looks like things begin to dry out. maybe 70s as we head in toward the middle of the week. that's good news because anne makovec is out at one of the places in capitola where they
6:32 am
saw some flooding. anne makovec reports. >> reporter: this is the remnants of where the city turned into a river late yesterday afternoon. you can see the mud, the water, still collecting here. they have cleaned up a whole lot of this. there was about 2 feet of water rushing down this roadway at one point. crews have been working all night as you can see there on the other side of the street trying to clear these roads. they are open. but they are still trying to assess the damage right now. this was an infrastructure issue, this was a drainage pipe that runs under a mobile home park that broke. it wasn't a rain issue. >> oh, my god, that's my house. that's -- >> reporter: that's when thousands of gallons of water cascaded into the path of homes and businesses here in downtown capitola. this footage was shot by a
6:33 am
woman who had water going into her house. it was a two-foot wall of water rushing through capitola avenue all from the san lorenzo river. at least two dozen businesses were flooded in some spots knee deep. the main fire and police stations were also hit. >> that is a significant amount of rain. it was more rain than i think that the system was able to handle. as a result, it caused the system failure. >> the real problem started with this culvert which was supposed to divert water flow from a creek that's underground. crews reported hearing strange noises before it blew a gash in the asphalt about 100 feet long. that mobile home park is evacuated. crews have been yellow and red tagging homes. one home is destroyed, at least 40 damaged at clean-up again continues here in downtown capitola. elizabeth wenger live at the bay bridge to check the conditions for your morning
6:34 am
commute there. how's it looking elizabeth? >> well, good morning, anne. we are going to start with the good news because we like good news. we need some of it around here especially for these wet morning commutes. first, all the wind advisories for bridges including here at the bay bridge, san mateo bridge, benicia bridge, richmond/san rafael bridge, all those wind advisories have been lifted. so wind not really an issue but unfortunately, we are still dealing withstanding water. let me turn around here. you can see what we're talking about. it's in those middle lanes. dangerous flooding according to chp. and it actually looks like it's improved maybe a little bit if you can believe it here in the last half hour or so. let's go to some video that we took i guess about an hour or so ago now and drivers actually taking it really slow as they are approaching that puddling in those middle lanes. you know, we were out here on wednesday as well where we saw similar patterns, rain coming down and a lot of standing water in those middle lanes. but then we saw drivers just plowing through. it doesn't seem to be the case today. it seems like drivers are being a little more cautious. so of course you don't want to
6:35 am
hydroplane. you don't want to get stuck. so if you do approach standing water like that one right here at the bay bridge toll plaza, you do want to make sure you are extra careful this morning. so again, friday light traffic conditions though i got to say... another piece of good news. i don't know if the metering lights have been turned on yet but we are not seeing any big backup yet here at the bay bridge toll plaza. kind of late to not see a whole lot of traffic here so far. so again, maybe commuters staying home, getting the message, wanting to just cuddle at home inside with their pajamas. chp has a dozen or more different incidents including a pothole just reported in livermore. let's go to gianna. i know she's been checking the chp reports extensively all morning and she will have the very latest. hey, gianna. >> hey, liz, thank you, yeah. it's busy we want to focus on things in the road. there are right shoulder problems, that pothole in livermore near grant line that may cause a problem. live at chopper 5 over the dumbarton bridge there, actually working their way
6:36 am
towards 280 into san francisco. we are getting word of a brand- new accident. so far it looks like the dumbarton bridge not seeing too many delays, things moving well in both directions. over to our maps we go, let's update you on the problem northbound 280 at geneva. two right lanes blocked, injuries five to six cars involved in the accident making traffic very slow and go as you work your way in and out of san francisco. unfortunately, we lost our camera there. but things are very busy. altamont pass seeing delays, as well. we have that pothole reported right at grant line. you have caltrans and chp on scene there. also as you work your way towards the bay bridge as liz showed you the no metering lights traffic busy off the eastshore freeway. we have some mass transit problems to report. ace train is not running service today and no bus bridges are available. they have suspended service due to yesterday's rock and mud slide near niles canyon so bart, muni, caltrain are on time. back to you. >> thank you. we want to let you know that you can track this storm yourself. log on to our website, it has live doppler radar for your neighborhood you, just
6:37 am
click on the weather page. it is 6:36 now. other news, state regulators are giving pg&e a chance to avoid millions of dollars in fines. it's part of a fallout from last year's deadly pipeline explosion in san bruno. yesterday, the state public utilities commission decided to fine pg&e $6 million. it's because the utility failed to provide documents that supposedly prove it has properly set pressure levels on its gas transmission lines. but pg&e has a chance to pay only half that amount if it provides all the information by the end of august. critics are outraged at the new pg&e proposal to charge customers for opting out of the smartmeter program. the company submitted a plan to the california public utilities commission. pg&e would turn off the radio that transmits usage in exchange customers paying $270 up front, then $14 a month, or $135 up front and then $20 a month. some claim the radiowaves from
6:38 am
the meters make them sick. 6:37. final numbers are out for teachers who may lose their jobs in san mateo county. about 330 employees received notices warning them about their job status next year. we are told many of them are temporary teachers. the cuts will depend on whether there is a special election and if voters approve a tax extension. and today we get a better snapshot of california's jobless rate. the labor force and industry will release unemployment numbers for the month of february. the state's jobless rate currently stands at 12.4%. that is much higher than the national average of 8.9%. and the u.s. postal service now offering cash incentives to convince some of its workers to quit. >> yeah. it wants to eliminate 7500 administrative jobs by offering $20,000 buy-outs to some of their veteran employees. you. sps also announced plans it shut down 7 district offices. the cash-strapped postal service will close up to 2,000 post offices over the next
6:39 am
year. it's already asked congress if it can scale back to a five-day a week delivery schedule by eliminate saturday delivery. 6:39. flooding problems and a main highway to the sierra is closed. we are track the storm troubles across california. the market just opened 10 minutes ago. let's check the early-morning numbers. there is some good news. we have green lights heading north all the way around. coming up, we are going to get an up from kcbs moneywatch reporter jason brooks weather we come back. stay right there. look a ! you got a state-of-the-art man-cave, but the savings account of a cave-man! hey sports fans check this out. [ beep ] oops, my bad. earn more with interestplus savings at that's new school banking, baby! ooh, 3-d! instead of earning bupkus, your savings could be earning three times the national average! three times more.
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nearly overflowing their banks. natasha stenbock joins us from the town of rio vista in sacramento county...wh re dramatic pictures this morning of rivers overflowing their banks. natasha stenbock joins us from rio vista in sacramento county where residents are trying to protected their homes from floodwaters. good morning, natasha. >> reporter: good morning. we are in rio linda. normally, this road would be nice and clear. now we have dry creek overflowing the road. earlier the sheriff's department was turning people away trying to keep them out of the deep roads with pretty much river flowing through it at
6:43 am
this point. neighbors in the area say they are used to flooding but have never seen water levels this high. we are above flood stage at this point. about a foot above flood stage. and we are starting just now to see the waters recede. take a look at what we saw earlier this morning. we had those levels on the road up and above the sidewalk. so you actually had to wear rubber boots that were up to your knees just to make it across the road. things are improving now. the rain has ceased for the moment. but we're expecting more rain so folks in the rio linda area will be watching for increased creek levels again, especially dry creek here at the west branch above flood stage. the neighbors across the street had to move their horses out of the backyard just to keep them safe. they have a chicken coop back there but apparently, the chickens are doing okay and at this point, the water is staying out of their garage. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, natasha stenbock in rio vista, sacramento county. wow, problems everywhere around northern california. >> it doesn't matter where you are in northern california,
6:44 am
right now everything is under water. let's kick it over to lawrence and find out how much more and when we can get a little relief. >> we need the rain but folks, we have had enough this year. we are going to be above normal all around the area. the snowpack looks fantastic. scattered showers continuing around the bay area and strong cells moving on through. that means we are seeing some heavy downpours into the oakland area. check out this, into the orange levels, almost red here strong storm moving through. we have seen pockets of these downpours moving through this morning. if you are traveling, very dangerous on the roads. it will be dry for a minute and then you run into a cell and can see ponding on the roads in a hurry. heading out be careful. temperatures in the 50s and 40s. high surf warning at the coastline as we are seeing some of the waves, the swells running 15 to 21 feet. now, this afternoon, we are probably going to sneak in a couple of sunny breaks but the showers likely to continue.
6:45 am
the winds going to be kicking up along the coastline and inside the bay. and so today, we're seeing more showers throughout the day. not the well organized front that we had yesterday. but you can see some brief heavy downpours. but then tonight, guess what, we have this storm system dropping in. that will bring with it another round of some moderate amounts of rainfall. scattered showers continuing on and off throughout the day today and staying unsettled into the evening hours. not a lot of a break in between storms. but watch what happens toward 11:00, midnight hour. more downed trees with all the heavy rainfall and, of course, the saturated ground looks like we are going to see a lot of snowfall up in the sierra nevada, as well. so storm warnings going up there so if you are traveling in that direction, be very careful. of course you are going to need chains. temperatures in the 50s and 60s around the bay area for today. especially in the south bay. 50s in much of the east bay. and those temperatures mainly into the 50s in the north bay. looking out over the next couple days, we are going to keep things unsettled and wet.
6:46 am
watch out for potential flooding and, of course, some mud slides through saturday. showers on sunday, drying things out warmer weather as we look toward the middle of next week. let's get a traffic check with gianna. thank you, lawrence. let's go live right now to chopper 5. they are traveling around the bay right now looking for traffic conditions for us. actually on the way to an accident on 280 in san francisco. but right now this is 101 near millbrae near sfo. headlights are going southbound. we are seeing lots of extra volume this morning. not typical for a friday. no accidents, just extra busy, lots of folks taking it slow this morning. we are going to check in with sfo to see if there are any delays but right now things should be okay. let's go to the maps to update you on an accident northbound 280 at geneva. two right lanes are down for the count. chp is on scene, fire crews actually had to use the right shoulder to get through the traffic backup through there. we heard from some mobile phone forces that traffic is really slow in the area. again, five to six cars involved. those two right lanes are blocked and chopper 5 is going to try to get us live pictures to see how that accident is
6:47 am
going. southbound 880 at oakland a new wreck reported after 66. right lanes blocked. doesn't look like it's affecting traffic northbound as you work your way into oakland past the coliseum. southbound though we are starting to see slightly slower speeds towards hayward. south there was towards the san mateo bridge or dumbarton bridge, traffic slows down a bit. eastshore freeway approach to the bay bridge seeing delays as well, also slight delays out of the may see but still no metering lights -- of the maze but still no metering lights and no backup at the toll tomorrow. we have reports of flooding in that area so traffic fairly light, friday light in fact at the bay bridge. remember kcbs, our radio partners, at 740-am and 106.9- fm. busy day out there. back to you. >> big time. >> thank you, gianna. the latest quarter better than expected for silicon valley giant. >> here's jason brooks with kcbs and with more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, frank. good morning, sydnie. oracle did rather well in the past quarter.
6:48 am
saw its profit rise 78% to 2.$1 billion. revenue up 37% to $8.8 billion. one of the key metrics for the company, licensing deals. software licensing rose almost 30%. that's a key sign that the economy as well as businesses have been showing more confidence in replacing outdated technologies. the company's hardware sales weren't quite as strong as expected. a year after taking over sun microsystems. but licensing more than making up for that. oracle's shares are up about 4% coming close to a 52-week high. that's helping wall street after research in motion disappointed the street with its forecast. the past one is decent but not expecting as strong a sales of profit in the current quarter as what wall street was looking for. its shares are hit hard right now. down about 9%. got the final look at the fourth economy in the u.s., grew a little better than
6:49 am
expected. up 3.1% compared to the prior revision of 2.8%. that reflected stronger exports and stronger domestic consumer spending. the worry right now though is that higher fuel prices could trim back the gdp in the current quarter. a lot of forecasts looking at growth of about 2.25% to 2.5%. that could be impacted going forward as long as fuel prices stay high. the market is looking to make a three-day winning streak. it's up by 27 right now. nasdaq up by 7. frank and sydnie, the s&p is gaining about 2 points right now. >> all right. some good news. we'll take that on a friday. >> absolutely. >> jason brooks with kcbs and thank you, jason. have a good week. some big changes for the military operation in libya and another woman may be getting close to a presidential run here in the u.s. with more on that let's go to cbs 5 political insider phil matier and former state assembly speaker and san francisco mayor willie brown. gentlemen, good morning to you. hold that thought. >> hold that thought. we got -- okay. we have a lot of news to cover
6:50 am
here right now. we are already covering some. good morning. >> good morning. >> glad you made it through the rain. >> yes. walking through the drops. >> libya, interesting situation. i was talking with pollsters, we did a cbs 5 surveyusa poll. bay area voters split even in obama's home territory. we have congresswomen and congressmen from the bay area criticizing, we have barbara boxer one of the biggest liberal peace people praising him. what's going on with the democrats? >> they are exhibiting confusion. the same confusion all the rest of us have in this country. nobody fully understands how we could even assume that we can go in there and start a third war. that's just difficult to do. and on the other hand, you got to show that you're really running for re-election in 2012 by silencing john mccain and that crowd. confusion. >> i found it absolutely fascinating. this is the one issue where i have seen both the democrats and the republicans agree on one thing. they are absolutely split on what we should be doing.
6:51 am
>> absolutely. newt gingrich as a matter of fact split himself. one day he was for obama doing it, the next day he is no longer for obama doing it. so i guess you're entitled with new knowledge to change your mind. >> every day. >> speaking of new knowledge, sacramento, i think we might have a little video of that. this was a first, folks. we had the governor actually get together with a bunch of democrats and sign a -- a budget that cut or a part of a budget that cut $12.5 billion in vital social service programs and all those democrats photographed with him. usually would you sign something like that at the dead of midnight and try to get out of town alive. >> they are going to see that photograph every time think run for election. somebody whose child care center was cut, somebody whose home health program was cut. they are going to see that photograph because they're smiling, they're enjoying themselves. bad scene. >> speaking of scenes, michele bachmann, congresswoman from minnesota, says she is thinking possibly even hopping into the
6:52 am
presidential race. your take on that? >> and the most upset person in the world on that announcement is sarah palin. before that, she had the republican scene to herself. and besides. she is far more interested in the watch than michelle. >> so you think sister sarah can make a comeback? >> sure, if she can finally leav israel. she may show up in libya. >> michele bachmann will be on the national stage. >> continuously because if you have ever heard her in her presentations, she is the personification of the tea party. that's what they have always wanted, sister sarah started dressing off wall street, off fifth avenue, off beverly hills drive. michele bachmann will continue to wear trailblazer clothes. >> that's what i like about you. you can take something from momentous as running for president and somehow get it down to wardrobe. that's all we have time for right now. thank you so much. >> it's a cheap shot.
6:53 am
[ laughter ] >> gentlemen, thank you very much. cbs 5 political insider phil matier and former san francisco mayor and assembly speaker willie brown. >> yeah. and they will continue to chat over there i'm sure. time now is 6::53. we are going to be updating that breaking news a school shooting in indiana. how it may have been tied to a fight after a school dance. plus, streets turn into rushing rivers. a wall of mud and water caught on tape in santa cruz county. the massive clean-up facing residents there today.
6:54 am
6:55 am
6:56 am
a student.. a teenaged boy.. has been shot at a mid and welcome back. we're following some breaking news out of indiana where a student, april teenaged boy, has been shot at a middle school there. this is martinsville about 30 miles west of indianapolis. police say the victim was shot twice in the stomach. we don't know his condition at this hour. police say another student who was recently suspended is now in custody. local tv station reports police believe the shooting stems from some sort of fight after a school dance. 6:56. a big, big clean-up job ahead in the town on the shores of monterey bay. let's go to anne makovec. she is in capitola, where much of the downtown was hit by a
6:57 am
wall of water. anne, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. millions of dollars of damage to report there still assessing that this morning here in downtown capitola. let me show you the scene this morning. quite a bit has been cleaned up but you can see plenty of mud here on the roadway. crews have been working all night to continue to try to mop up this huge mess that took down several city blocks. it all started with a drainage pipe that runs under a mobile home park. >> oh, my god, that's my house! that's -- >> reporter: thousands of gallons of water cascading down this hill straight into the path of homes and businesses in downtown capitola. this footage was shot by a woman who lives nearby and she had this water lapping at her front door. witnesses say it was a two-foot wall of water and mud rushing through capitola avenue all from the san lorenzo river. at least two dozen businesses flooded and some spots knee deep. the main fire station and police station were also hit. the real problem, though, started with this culvert which was supposed to divert water
6:58 am
flow from a creek underground. crews reported hearing strange noises before it blew and then a gash in the asphalt about 100 feet long was created n that mobile home park, they have been working to red tag and yellow tag the houses. at least one is destroyed. and about 40 others are damaged. again, still assessing that this morning. sydnie? >> quite a mess. anne, thank you. anne makovec in capitola this morning. this video just came into the newsroom. a viewer sent us this clip of an aqueduct in walnut creek. you can hear the roar of the rushing water. [ sound of rushing water ] >> hopefully a little end in sight. i know next week is starting to sun up a little bit but this weekend we have more of the same, i guess, right, lawrence? >> we sure do and the ground is already saturated. so we have to watch out for more flooding. showers continuing around the bay area, some brief pockets of heavy rainfall in through parts
6:59 am
of the east bay now and we are going to see more of that on and off throughout the day today. these downpours will roll on by, walnut creek looking at one, pleasant hill, concord one passed through your neighborhood so it looks like more on the way for today. looks like showers are going to turn to rainfall though overnight tonight as another storm moves in. that will keep things going for tomorrow. showers continuing on sunday. much drier weather though heading into monday and tuesday. let's get a check of traffic with gianna. >> thank you, lawrence. live to chopper 5 right now. 280 a trouble spot this morning northbound at geneva. we had an injury accident cleared at the two right lanes a strat accident reported in the same area so traffic very slow and go through there. we heard from members of the kcbs phone force tra traffic is backed up to the highway one cutoff. give yourself some extra time. to the maps right now, couple of other things going on. 880 southbound at 66. we have an accident in lanes. bay bridge one of our bright spots, friday light. but look out for flooding in parts of the fastrak lane. and don't forget your chains for parts of 50. colfax, though, is closed on


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